Wen by Chaz: Changing the Way People Look at Hair

What if I told you there was a product out there that could do it all when it comes to hair? No, I’m not joking with you or playing games. I’m talking about a product that can act as an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. You read that right. If I told you that, you would probably be interested in it, right? I know I would. Thanks to Wen by Chaz (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html), you truly can have it all. Quite frankly, you deserve to have it all and have earned it, especially when it comes to cheap and poorly made hair products. WEN by Chaz Dean is the best in the business, bar none.
However, if you don’t believe me, you can read a recap of a young woman by the name of Emily McClure that used the sephora fig version of product for seven days and wrote about it on Bustle.com. She takes you, step-by-step and day-by-day through the process of how Wen worked for her, the results, and how it changed her hair in only seven days. That is how quickly it worked. This isn’t one of those products where you have to wait thirty days and it doesn’t come with any gimmicks or scams.

In addition to that, she also took photos so you could see the actual process and her response to it. By day seven, she was floating on cloud nine and raving about it. It gave her a whole new perspective on hair products and what they can do for someone. They can really enrich their life and give them a whole new outlook on hair. Most of all, it made her feel good, which is a wonderful thing. It’s always amazing when a hair product from the ebay online store can make you feel good. It’s always great to look good, which the product does, but it takes it up another notch when you can feel good at the same time.

The Importance of Online Reputation

Online reputation is very important, especially for business owners. These days, people look for all of their information from search engines. Therefore, it is important for business owners and other people that are higher up the ladder to make sure that their search results do not contain anything that could damage their image. The unfortunate truth is that if there is anything that paints a bad picture of someone, he could lose even his most loyal customers. Therefore, he has to make sure that he manages his reputation, both by behaving ethically, and by addressing any form of slander that is thrown his way.

Even regular people could benefit from reputation management. One thing that a damaging web page could do to anyone is ruin that person’s image to anyone. For instance, if he has a friend or other people in his life, if they read something that says that he has participated in something that is unethical or disgusting, then he could lose his friends. For one thing, the dynamics of his life will be changed and they probably will never be the same. Unfortunately, not many people have time to manage their reputation. Fortunately, there are other options.

One option is http://fixsearchresults.com. This agency has experience in removing any bad search results from the search pages with the use of SEO and other tactics which can be used to improve the public image of the client. The client will not only experience improvement in his business, but may also experience improvements in his personal relationships as it depends on the client. http://fixsearchresults.com works well with its clients because it treats each client and situation as an individual situation.

Reputation management is very important for every aspect of anyone’s life. One thing that people, especially business owners that are starting off, have to be careful about is any type of mud being thrown their way. The business industry is really cutthroat and ruthless. Competitors may resort to any low tactic in order to keep others from achieving a level of success.

George Gascon Faces Serious Allegations From Former Colleagues

George Gascon, the San Francisco District Attorney, is a man who has found himself on the wrong side of very serious allegations. These allegations were levelled against him by a man who was once very close to him. His once good relationship with the police union has now turned sour, and he even accuses the union of being obstructionist. Gascon is alleged to have made racially demeaning comments on a night out with leaders of the police union.
All this is contained in a sworn declaration by the former Police Officers Association president Gary Delagnes. The submission was made to a blue-ribbon task force that was created by Gascon. This submission was made barely eight days after Gascon testified before the task force panel. Gascon pointed out that the police union yielded the ability to influence the chief of police or even a Police Commission when it came to effectuating reform.
According to Delagnes, in 2010, he, Gascon, Martin Halloran (current POA President) and another Cambridge union representative attended a dinner organized by Harvard Law School. During the late night event, Gascon was drinking heavily. He then started recalling his tenure at the Los Angeles Police Department. It is at this point that he made remarks that demeaned minorities. According to Delagnes, Gascon got so loud that another patron, an African American, had to step in and ask him to restrain himself, as his behavior was offending the patron’s family.
Halloran backed the claims made by Delagnes in an interview. However, neither Delagnes nor Halloran went ahead to give specifics. Upon being provided with a copy of the sworn declaration, the DA’s office spokesman did not directly respond to the allegations made by Delagnes. He only stated that whatever the former POA president lacked in credibility he made up for in imagination.
In a statement made by Delagnes, he points out that he came forward after reading Gascon’s testimony before the panel. Gascon pointed out to the panel that he was much more worried about the state of the Police Department as it was presently when compared to during his tenure.


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The Manse On Marsh Is More Than Just Another Facility

Our family is the reason we get out of our beds in the morning and do what we have to do. Whatever walk of life we take, there is always family to take care of. Big or small, family is why we do it all. That’s why it’s so great to have places like The Manse On Marsh.

As far as the San Luis Obispo area is concerned, it’s the best location available for an assisted living facility. It’s the best because it doesn’t feel like a facility at all. This is mainly thanks to the staff, who were more than accommodating during the visit. the grounds are quite nice, with many activities to take part in. There is even a movie theater for film buffs. The rooms were quite nice as well. The ones shown had a bedroom, bathroom, living room along with a kitchen and eating area.

The staff really do go above and beyond what you’d expect. They are just the nicest. The food in the dining hall was very good as well. It was much better than what you’d picture in your mind. What a treat! It puts you at ease when you know that your family is eating well and getting proper nutrition. There is just a real sense of detail and top notch service when you’re there. What more could you ask for really?

With the lower price point and the very welcoming atmosphere, it is definitely a place to keep in mind. If there is a need for a loved one whom you cannot care for properly, this is one place that will. The very clean and neat facilities will have you at ease for health concerns as well. They have 1 bedroom 2 and studios also. It is a place that should be considered for sure if you’re looking for a place to care for your loved one properly.

The atmosphere of the place is what really sets it apart, right from the moment you enter the grounds. You just get a welcome feeling that you remember long after you’ve left.  Get a feel for the grounds, and read more about their commitment to service on the Manse Blog.

George Soros: How to Become Billionaire in Economic Speculation

In 1947, George Soros fled Hungary because of oppression. He was lucky to be enrolled in the prestigious London School of Economics. After graduation, George Soros started investment banking in London. He later expanded his trade to the USA and settled in New York. Soros has worked and held positions in several firms: F.M.Mayer in 1956 to 1959, Wertheim and Company in 1959 to 1953 and, Arnhold & S.Bleichroeder.

In 1973, George Soros decided to open his firm. He founded the Hedge Fund Company. The company expanded and became a recognized Quantum Fund. He ran the company as the head but gave up the 1980s when he decided to dedicate his life to charity. He has donated significant amounts of money to his Open Society Foundations.

George Soros is an expert in the financial matter. He bets on the global markets. According to Soros, the world markets are chaotic because the security prices depend on both professional and non-professional human beings. Read more at http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/17/soros-fund-management-outlines-new-allocations.html

George Soros is the mind behind Open Society Foundations. his open society foundations are found in more than one hundred countries. Soros started his philanthropic work back in 1979, during the apartheid era. he offered scholarships to black students in south Africa. he also had a hand in suppressing communism in the eastern block. His idea behind the establishment of the central european university was to encourage critical thinking amongst students. Read more at https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

Many people who had been detained wrongly, have been represented courtesy of the Open Society Foundations. The Foundations have funded school and university levies to many students with potential, including refugees, young from marginalized societies and also from young Roma. To promote transparency and accountability, George Soros has helped in the start of international systems.

According to a publication made in the Value Walk media, George Soros placed a bet on the British currency and won in his prediction; Soros said that the Britain pound would lose compared to other currencies. The global market foresaw the devaluing of the currency and nothing would change it. The prophecy about Britain exit from the ERM came to pass.

The ”Black Wednesday” which marks British’s financial history, to George Soros, he refers to it as the ”Awesome Wednesday.” When the Pound was floated, it fell 15% versus the Deutschmark and to the US Dollar, it fell 25%. George’s Quantum Fund had placed $15 billion on betting that the pound would decrease compared to other currencies. The firm had borrowed billions to make this trade, and they succeeded.

The fund rose immediately from $15BN to $19BN during the floating of the pound and later it was approximated $22BN. Soros and other investors made a profit of about 20%.

Real Estate Industry Players Claim the Development of Multiple Projects had more Benefits than a Single one in Newark

Real Estate leaders came together during the Newark CRE Summit to assess the economic development in Newark. The industry players asserted in a panel geared towards new investment and construction opportunities that Newark had finally gained a missing aspect in its development efforts. They said this referring to the simultaneous projects that were being undertaken in the city, which would help to establish market opportunities and increase options to visitors or potential residents.

David Wolfe of Skoloff and Wolfe P.C, which is based in Livingston. The event was to take the entire day and was organized by the CapRate Events. Among the attendees included top professionals and real estate leaders.

Wasseem Boraie’s Statements

The vice president of Boraie Development LLP cited that Newark had about five to ten ongoing projects, which constituted of numerous components. In the past, the city officials in Newark held onto the idea that a single project would trigger the full economic potential possessed by the city. He noted that the city was going through a transition from such ideas.

He asserted that residential consumers would not move to Newark because of a single project. Subsequently, his firm was part of the ongoing projects, which included a high-rise consisting of 168-units and based on Rector Street. Wasseem Boraie also echoed that the multi-project model has proven its significance in other major cities such as New Brunswick and Jersey City.

Richard Tucker’s Assertions

The Chief Executive of Tucker Development Corp, Richard Tucker, claimed that completion of the projects was not easy since they all required ample time. Tucker’s firm had invested about $130 million in both ongoing and completed projects in Newark. The projects constituted a traditional debt, private capital and subsidies derived from both the city and the state.

Tucker, through his Highland Park firm, was formulating plans to unveil its Springfield Avenue Marketplace venture in Newark following a previous opening of Courtyard by Marriott hotel in 2012.The Springfield Avenue project comprises of 152-retail space and apartments. Over 70% of the entire retail space has been leased.

A Look at Wasseem Boraie

Wasseem Boraie is the son of top New Jersey’s real estate personality, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Boraie Development Corp. With Wasseem as its executive president, the firm has managed to institute itself as a major player in the urban real estate sector. This has been through various areas such as the property marketing and management as well as real estate development. He has also taken up investment ventures on his own by teaming up with Shaquille O’Neal.

Learn more: http://www.njbiz.com/article/20150721/NJBIZ01/150729950/in-newark-choice-of-residential-projects-trumps-one-big-building-panelists-say

Reputation Fixer Had To Fix Itself

When it comes to reputation recovery and image crises management, Status Labs is second to none. They recently had to apply their amazingly effective process to an attack on the company’s own reputation. The current President and founder of Status Labs is Darius Fisher. They not only do Public Relations (PR) recovery, they also work with their clients as PR specialists and execute project plans to market digital products online. They are headquartered in Austin, TX.


Fisher founded Status Labs in 2012, in the rising city of Austin. They have grown non-stop since then, with new locations in São Paulo, Brazil, and New York. There are now over 30 employees who work with their clients to recover damaged reputations and then keep working with them to manage their public image into the future. They have helped many people gain a second chance at life, even though some badly damaging communication was lodged against them in the court of public opinion. This can happen online through social media or, more usually, their clients have been smeared through media coverage of some personal intrigue or upheaval that often has little or nothing to do with the company they happened to own.
Darius Fisher is quite versed in all the ways a business or an individual, often both, can be maligned and attacked without any provocation through online forums and social media sites. It can be something really seemingly-innocuous that you posted many years ago. Or, it could be a major misdeed done by someone at the company in question. Fisher says the first step is to: Not Panic. Following all the steps of Fisher’s process, a total of 1,500 people have benefited, living in 35 different countries, from Status Labs’ process to improve your SEO Search ranking results. The resulting improvements bring higher company revenues and less headaches in the personal life.

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Venezuela’s Economic Dilema

It has become very clear in the past couple of weeks that the country of Venezuela is likened to a very leaky ship. In a storm. With a raging deck fire. The raging deck fire is the economy of Venezuela. Thus, out of all of the issues with the country could be the most easily fixed. Report made by Open Corporates.
Venezuela has two official exchange rates: 10 Bolivares fuertes (bs) per dollar, which is the most commonly used rate, and an exchange rate of 370 bs per dollar. The larger exchange rate is used as a floating currency rate, but is not practical as the government uses the 10 bs rate most.

Venezuela also has a black market rate currently over 1,100 bs per dollar. So now they have an economic never ending cycle. The black market price rises, which shorts the dollar supply, causing people to pay more which forces a rise in inflation, which pushes the black market price higher.

Expert Jose Figueroa advice the Venezuelan government could sell off assets and switch the economy to a floating rate of currency exchange. This lack of structured exchange rates would bust the black market and cause economic growth to happen faster.

Venezuela does have enough in assets and oil futures to pad the switch and cushion against economic collapse. In 2002 the Chavez regime did switch to a floating exchange rate, which did show promise in raising Venezuela’s economy. Maduro needs to make a hard decision quick to save Venezuela’s economy.

Michael Zomber: Author, Weapons Expert and Family Man

Born in the United States capital city, Michael Zomber was naturally influenced by history and politics at an early age. Such a childhood experience eventually shaped his keen interest in firearms and other types of weapons. For the rest of his life, Mr. Zomber became absolutely fascinated with such a subject matter.

As of today, he boasts more than four decades of experience in collecting antique arms and other type of items related to warfare and armed conflicts. In fact, his expertise gave him the opportunity to appear as an honorary guest on the History Channel. Zomber provided his unique input on several of the channel’s shows such as the Guns of the Orient, Automatic Pistols and Dueling Pistols. In these episodes, he discusses the history, technology and many other aspects of firearms in the United States and other countries.

Michael Zomber is also a successful author with several titles to his credit. In Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, he tells the story of America’s bloody civil war from the perspective of a young innocent girl. The A Son of Kentucky is another publication that highlights Zomber’s love for early U.S. history. In Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan, Zomber shares his deep knowledge about the war traditions of the Orient. In fact, he is considered to be a top international expert on Samurai swords.

With a comprehensive understanding of weapons, Michael Zomber takes a rather pacifist approach toward warfare. He is quite familiar with the tragedies of war all over the world. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Zomber is a strong supporter of international initiatives that focus on world peace. For example, he supports UNICEF and the Amnesty International and Global Exchange.

CrunchBase shows that Michael Zomber’s educational credentials include bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Literature, which he earned from UCLA. Surely, such training in his early adulthood has helped him become a talented author and storyteller on an international scale. In his personal life, Michael Zomber looks loves to spend spare time with his beloved spouse, daughter and son in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.

National Super Hero Day Celebrated By Skout Users


April 28th is known as National Super Hero Day and it’s not just for little kids. Superheros are a widely recognized symbol of hope, justice, and strength, even if their superpowers are limited. To celebrate the Super Hero themed holiday Skout, a social networking app, has reached out to its user base in order to help make donations to the Make-A-Wish foundation in the Greater Bay Area of California. According to an article written in PR Newswire Skout users can send free digital super hero themed gifts to their friends and for every gift given Skout will donate real cash to the Make-A-Wish foundation until a wish has been fulfilled.

Skout also celebrated the day by surveying 4,171 of its users in the United States and asked them super hero themed questions. When asked who the best super hero was users were split by gender with women voting the most for Batman and the men voting for Superman. Over half the people included in the survey voted Batman and Robin as the best super hero duo BFFs with 19% voting for The Thing and Human Torch. Users were of course asked what the best super power was and 1 of 3 people asked agreed immortality was the greatest.Only 29% voted for the ability to fly while only 17% said super speed was the best.

Almost half the users agreed they’d ride in the Batmobile if given a choice, and 20% wanted to hop in Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Nearly 60% agreed the a mask was a must have when it comes to super hero attire but only 19% thought a cape was a needed accessory. The final question boiled down to what attributes makes a super hero, real or not, and almost half of the people surveyed believed selflessness is what makes a hero.

National Super Hero Day is not the first holiday Skout has used their virtual gifts as a way to get their users involved in charitable events. With the combined holidays Skout has celebrated over 400,000 virtual gifts have been sent between their users. For each of those gifts sent Skout made a real cash donation to San Francisco Food Bank and Cat Town. Not only has Skout helped these organizations financially they’ve spread awareness by getting the community involved. The Skout app is available on both iOS and Andriod smart phones.

Article source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/skout-celebrates-real-life-superheroes-on-national-superhero-day-april-28-300258178.html