The Expanding Business Of Fabletics

Established in July 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler is Fabletics. This company is an online agreement business. Here subscribers choose athletics outfits based on their lifestyle, fashion style and, what work best for them. Then each month a Fabletics fashion consultant will pick out something for them, based on their preference. They can then choose to go with it, make another choice or, skip that month all together.

These outfits are very comfortable, attractive, practical, and are reasonable priced. The company carries a line of outfits that will even please the fastidious buyer. Fabletics is ranked number ninety-eight by The Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide. The company is projecting that it will make around two hundred fifty million, by the end of 2016. They are now one of the fastest going retailers of online stores.

June 2015, saw the launching of Fabletics activewear for men, by Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson. Also, in 2105 between September and October was a busy time for the company. They opened numerous retail outlets, in malls across the United States. They are in The Mall of Columbia, Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey, Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, and lots more. Fobes Magazine reported that the company expects to open an additional one hundred stores on, within the next three to five years.

Gregg Throgram, the company’s Retail President, said subscribers love going into the stores. They can now feel the fabrics, try on what is appealing, then purchase it online on Adweek. The swim wears are all manufactured from recycled material and are all inspired by a tropical, nautical or tribal theme. But, the most important aspect of all, they help to reflect the sun’s ray. Sizes shouldn’t be an issue because all swimwear comes in sizes of XXS to XXL. The company wants to bring out everyone’s best attribute each summer.

Fabletics has now expanded beyond active wear with a line of compression fabrics dresses. They are available in rompers, full-length maxi, sweater shirt style which are comfortable and, reasonable priced. Fabletics is a branch of Techstyle Group, formerly known as JustFab.

Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital, Deceased at Age 52

In what is a shocking event, Stephen Murray has passed away at the age of 52. He recently resigned as the head of his company in order to focus on health issues, and it was confirmed that he died in March by a spokesperson for the company.

No other details were confirmed about his death but one thing that is clear is that his colleagues and family will remember him for his great accomplishments. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He was the founder and CEO of his own financial investment firm called CCMP capital. His company was under the JPMorgan Chase umbrella until 2006, when he had to change the structure of his investment branch to prevent potential conflicts with clients of the company.

His company focuses on so-called middle-market investments, in which cash is turned into equity in the hopes of long-term payoffs for his clients, and thus the firm. They actually acquired more than $3.2 billion worth of investments in just the last year.

Typically, anywhere between $100 million to $500 million will be set aside for a single investment. The sectors that firm focuses on are healthcare, energy, industrial, and sometimes consumers.

Murray has a unique story. He is certainly loyal to NY as his background suggests. He was born in a suburb of Westchester County in NY and only left briefly to attend undergraduate studies at Boston College, where he earned his BA degree. Soon after, he returned to work towards his MBA at Columbia College in New York City. Again, he would stay in the state by taking an entry-level position with a manufacturing and investment company nearby in New York.

At that company, he started at the bottom as a trainee and worked hard to be promoted as the Vice President. Eventually, he was put in charge of investments for mid-size transactions. The experience he would gain in this role influenced his decision to form his own company in 2000 and eventually merge with JPMorgan Chase.

Stephen Murray is remembered by his loving wife Tami, and the rest of his family including four boys who he fathered. They still live in their childhood family home in Connecticut. As far as his peers, they remember him as a “lion” in the finance industry and respect his trailblazing qualities and utter determination to succeed. He is known for having profound vision and the ability to go after middle-market acquisitions with precision and speed.

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Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital
Stephen P. Murray – President @ CCMP Capital Advisors

The President of the U.S Money Reserve Receives a New Appointment at the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) has chosen Mr. Philip Diehl to serve as its new chairperson. Philip is the president of the U.S Money Reserve, and he also worked for the U.S Mint as its director. The ICTA is a regulatory body that deals with paper money, high valued coins, and bullion that is made from precious metals.

The organization is in charge of overseeing the precious metals business in about 50 states in America, and it provides an opportunity for its members to discuss, consult, and work with private and government institutions to access excellent ways through which, they can solve issues that negatively influence their enterprises.

Philip has a reputable profile in the sector, and one of his significant achievements is facilitating various important ICTA legislative undertakings in state and local levels. One of the transformations that he led is the changing of the 2013 Minnesota statute that had many redundant legislations that undermined the activities of the customers and businesspersons in the bullion and numismatic business.

Mr. Diehl has ample experience in the sector since he served in Washington’s regulatory body. He applied his skills to create jurisdictive policies and in pushing the Minnesota legislators to pass the amendment bill and Governor Mark Dayton sign it for it to be a law in May 2016.  Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Coupons and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

The primary objective of Mr. Diehl as the new chairperson is to improve the functionality, communication, finances, and cooperation of the organization. He has had a successful career in the precious metals business whereby he currently heads on of the top distributors of bullion, bars, and coins that are made from government issued gold, silver, and platinum. Philip is also acknowledged by the U.S Mint for helping it in making many significant achievements when he was its director.

According to PR NewsWire, The U.S Money Reserve is a private company that distributes government-issued precious metal that can be used as a legal tender. The main offices of the firm are in Austin, Texas.

It’s products and services are used by hundreds of thousands of clients who would like to change their fortune into precious metals. The Money Reserve website indicates that the company has employed numismatics and coin research experts who do sufficient research about the industry and can determine commodities that give ideal profits to the buyers and sellers of government-issued precious metals. The firm has also advanced its customer service, and this makes it a leader in the sector.

MIKE BAUR, The Champion of ICT use in Business

Mike Baur, a former banker at Clariden and Sallfort is the man behind the Swiss start up factory as the Managing Partner and Co-founder. His experience spans over two decades in the Swiss banking industry.

Mike Baur, a proficient fund raiser, saw a gap in the backing of startup entrepreneurs. This he believed would help improve the business environment. He founded Swiss start Up Factory (SSUF) on the premise of lending a hand to young business persons focusing on digital know-hows. He believes that anyone with an idea can make it big in business.

The Zurich-based Swiss Start-Up Factory was launched in 2014. The digital entrepreneurs were sought and their journey to enjoying exciting opportunities began. The robust digital networks in Switzerland and around the globe were extensively used in the exercise of identifying needs and for training based interactions.

The company provides accelerator programs which are three months long. It is a start-up in which a unique platform of services, training, mentoring are offered. The trainees are also accommodated by giving them office space in the middle of Zurich city. They get to enjoy an established network of business people who share their ideas to enable them to unlock their potential.


In order to achieve its golden dream of building the bridge between the French, the Swiss and the German within Switzerland territory, Fintech Accelerator Fusion (the Geneva-based) and the Accelerator Swiss Start -up Factory (Zurich-based) came together as partners. Their collective vision being to foster teamwork and to create strong business driven inventions in Switzerland.


The independence of each of the accelerators and their goal orientation and set up is complementary. They help the startups from the initial stage concepts to prototyping. The entrepreneurs are given beta testing and finally assisted to gain entry into the market.


Mike Baur believes that the linguistic variety and the geographic separation in Switzerland give it a disintegrated outlook that requires effort to bring out the excellence in businesses. The Fusion and Swiss Start up Factory partnership is a great barrier breaker that brings the two accelerators from diverse linguistic and geographical regions together for a great and worthy cause.

Eucatex Group Has Greatly Grown Since Its Establishment In 1951

Having been established in 1951, Eucatex Group commenced its operation in 1954 in Salto. The Metal Factory was heavily involved in the manufacture and selling of liners as well as insulation made from eucalyptus wood fibres. As such, it took a very short time for the business to grow.

Currently, the company is reputed for an array of businesses including furniture production, packaging, industrial construction supplies, cars as well as toys. More so, it is also known to provide the outside market with plates and doors.

Eucatex is currently one of the biggest entities in the construction and furniture business. The Group is composed of three main factories including Paints, Varnishes and Plates – all of which are located in Salto. On the other hand, work involving panels and flooring is done in Botucatu.

Besides, the company owns a Forest Unit that caters for Seedling Nursery. In 2010, a new factory was opened in the Salto Municipality, state of Sao Paulo with its main focus being to produce MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and T-HDF (Thin High Density Fibreboard).

Eucatex is owned by the Maluf family under Flavio Maluf as president. He sits in the Board as the Chief Executive officer, Vice president as well as the Board’s Chairman. Maluf sits among 9 board members in various organizations. He has served in various high positions since 29th April, 2005. A bachelor’s degree holder in Mechanical Engineer, Maluf has also been on the forefront in providing insights about the benefits of using technology in learning institutions. He attests to the fact that technology plays a vital role in shaping the livelihood of young people. While using technology can sometimes be tricky, it is good to understand that when used accordingly, the benefits are immense.

Apart from being the head of Eucatex, Maluf has been associated with the report on the merging of Allergan, Botox manufacturing company and the reputed Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company. He reports that the merger saw to the tune of $155 billion dollars exchange hands, making it the historical transaction in the region. According to Flavio Maluf on Twitter as well, the merger has seen Pfizer invest heavily in research with the main objective being to come up with new drugs that could see chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease being kept at bay. He admits that one of these substances has been certified by the FDA as breast cancer medicine. With Flavio Maluf at the helm, Eucatex sees its future as bright taking into account his experience and technical know-how in the field of business.

Search Engine Optimization for Online Reputation Management

When it comes to online reputation management, search engine optimization is very crucial to the improvement of one’s online reputation. If one is able to provide optimized content for search engines, then he will be able to manage his own reputation. One thing that needs to be understood is that search engine optimization is more than just placing keywords in a skillful manner. One must also be able to provide content to other websites with a link back to his own site. Even if the person does not have a website, presenting content about himself that is positive is going to go a long way towards building trust and even bring him the popularity he needs to build a successful enterprise.

Search engine optimization comes in handy when it comes to burying search results. There may come a time when one has to bury bad news about himself in order to avoid damages being done to his company or his life. Fortunately, there is at least one firm that is willing to bury negative press for clients. The online reputation firms have a lot of experience that is needed to bury the news that is causing the person a lot of problems.

One particular online reputation company that stands out among the rest is Bury Bad Articles. This firm has a lot of professionals that know how to provide optimized content. They also know the channels to use in order to build one’s reputation. When it comes to trying to bury negative search results, one just has to find some high authority sites to post content on. As the content ranks on keywords and provides a lot of relevant information to the audience, it will rank high on the search results. As a result, the bad results will eventually fall off of the front page. Bury Bad Articles will successfully bury negative news.

Richard Blair: Founder of Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair is a financial advisor with a list of impressive accomplishments. He is a certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Investment Advisor, Annuity Specialist, Funds Specialist and a Retirement Income Professional. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Houston.

He resides in Austin, Texas where he works with individuals, families and small business owners. He also founded Wealth Solutions, which is an investment advisory that helps give people wealth management solutions. Besides being a hard-working independent financial advisor, he is a family man and loves spending time with his wife and three kids. In his free time he enjoys golfing, exercising, bike riding and cheering his kids on at their sport events.

Wealth Solutions uses technology from many different studies that will ensure a financial plan that works for each of it’s clients. It helps them succeed and keep them on track. Wealth Solutions strives to give each of their clients trusted and expert advise. They personalize each plan so that it fits each person’s goal. As a client, you are also given 24 hour access to investment options.

One of the many financial planning that Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions can provide you with is retirement planning. Retirement planning is important and Wealth Solutions believes that you should start early. Blair is trained to develop a custom roadmap to help with the stages of a solid and reliable retirement plan. These stages include building and developing ways to manage wealth ensuring that you can live off your retirement portfolio comfortably. Learn more:

He has an extensive understanding of financial planning. The decisions regarding your current finances should be handled carefully and thought out. Evaluating each person’s assets and liabilities and establishing your goals are important before developing a plan. Many times reaching these goals includes the steps of a college savings plan, real estate investing and planning, tax saving strategies and a retirement plan.

Richard Blair has had the passion and commitment needed for successful financial and investment planning since he was in college. He graduated from college in 1994 and soon after he entered the financial services industry. Wealth Solutions is a business that will help save time and money by finding the best way to minimize taxes, optimize benefits, and create viable income streams.

An Online Reputation Management Consultant Can Assist You With Restoring Your Reputation

There are a myriad of reasons why a business and/or individual may want to take the extra steps that are necessary to not only restore and/or maintain their reputation in today’s online world, but also in the real world. There are no doubts about the fact that the online world can easily translate to the real world today. The Internet can bring hundreds to thousands of people together. As there are billions of people in the world, a great percentage of the entire population has access to the Internet. They are also able to see what everybody else is able to see on the Internet as well. Due to the exposure one can receive and be “perceived” as in the online world, it is highly recommended for people to ensure that they are proactive in not only taking proper steps towards repairing/restoring their reputation if it has indeed been damaged for any reason, but also to maintain it after the negative incident(s) of “slander”, or any other form of negative association with one’s name, or their business’s name has occurred.

According to Online Reputation, by contacting an online reputation management company, an individual and/or business can have assurance in knowing that their reputation is going to be kept in the best standing. Unfortunately, there are many people who have had their own names or their business’s names tarnished from the negative comments, reviews, ratings, and/or feedback left by customers/clients/subscribers who were unsatisfied with the products and/or services they had received, whether in the past or the present time. Due to their unfortunate experiences with an individual and/or business, they have decided to leave something negative to say, whether to inform others or simply out of anger. If you are an individual or a business owner who has had something negative written about you in a forum, review/rating site, or any other public online venue and you would like to see what your options are of having it removed, be sure to contact a Reputation management consultant as soon as you’re able to. They will guide you through a process that is made easy due to the experience and knowledge they possess.


FreedomPop Makes Gains For People Seeking Cheaper Phones

FreedomPop is a great cell phone company that is trying to give people cheaper options than they have ever had. I have used FreedomPop for a while because they make it easy for me to save money, and I use their service because they still have free phones. I get the free phones for my kids, and I use the unlimited plan from FreedomPop for my own phone.

The thing that is really nice about FreedomPop is that they make it very easy for people to use their phones in the simplest way possible. I can use my phone for all texts, calling and data on their unlimited plan as much as I want, and then all I have to do is make sure that I have the phone charged so that it will work when I need it to. I have read a FreedomPop review or two that explain why their service is great, and part of that is that they have made it simple to use.

I wanted to know that it was going to be easy to use their phones, too. I searched for some nice phones that they have on their books, and it is very easy for people to pick out something they like because they have so many phones. I picked the phone that I thought was the best for me, and I got phones for my kids that were a lot less complicated.

I have been happy with FreedomPop because they are cheaper and still have a good network. They have made it easy for me to save money, and I still get everything I need. I have the phone I need to do my work, and I have a plan that does not break the bank every month when I pay it off.

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Keith Mann Creates Scholarship to Help Graduating Seniors with Education Expenses

It takes a lot of time, effort and making the right decisions in order to make an impact on the financial world. This is especially true for hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs. These professionals – when they do their job the right way – can create a tremendous amount of wealth. One New York entrepreneur who has managed to do so is Keith Mann. Known for his role as the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, Mann has a background and education that enables him to provide his clients with the highest level of executive search services.

Mann is not only the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners; he also co-founded the firm. He has also built a reputation for being the kind of entrepreneur who is not afraid to give back to society. All the wealth and business success in the world doesn’t add up to much if the person with those resources doesn’t help to make the world better in his/her own unique way. Keith Mann has managed to stay successful in all of his business ventures, while still finding time to support worthy causes.

Of course, the best leaders in business realize that up-and-coming business professionals need help to get started on the right path. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is Mann’s way of helping to make sure that students are able to attend college, and to ultimately become the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and philanthropists this nation needs to make progress in the future. Mann teamed up with Uncommon Schools to create this scholarship. The recipient of this scholarship received $5,000 to use toward college education expenses.

New York is a city that is filled with people who have managed to make it to the top of their respective fields. Count Keith Mann to be among that elite group. By way of his company’s unique approach to executive search services and his ongoing charitable efforts, Mann has shown all the markings one would expect from the top performing business leaders in this nation and around the world.