White Shark Media Attacks Problems Head-On!

In the rough-and-tumble, wild, wild world of online advertising, sometimes the unexpected happens.

As a leader in AdWords optimization, White Shark Media Complaints team realized the need to address customer complaints and concerns. They’ve developed an approach to smooth out the customer experience, and to ensure problems never happen again.

One former complaint was the customer’s perception they were out of touch with their AdWords campaigns. White Shark realized the need for more comprehensive and clear reporting. They also saw the need to walk the customer through interpreting reports before any campaign goes live. This has helped tremendously.

Customers sometimes complained that they don’t hear enough from their AdWords strategists. White Shark now sets up online face-to-face meetings through GoToMeeting. These happen monthly, in support of the monthly reports. Any concerns can be addressed live with the assigned SEM strategist.

To improve communication, White Shark has also added direct phone extensions. At White Shark, the customer is able to reach their specialist directly without going through an operator or automated switchboard.

Some customers have complained that their new “optimized” campaigns sometimes haven’t worked as well as those not optimized. White Shark realizes there are existing elements that might work fine with no further tuning. To that end, they’ve sensitized themselves to using the best of what the customer is currently leveraging, while working to improve whatever might not be up-to-snuff.

Expertise is extremely important in an SEM strategist. Each strategist at White Shark Media works in a team of no more than four others who together report to a highly experienced supervisor. Any issues not handled at the strategist level are quickly referred to the supervisor for resolution.

White Shark  Media is also sensitive to the varied needs of their client base. Senior SEM consultants are assigned to each and every new customer. They follow the client through the process of setting up the campaign so they are familiar with the client’s particular needs.

At one time, a common account was used for ad campaigns started by White Shark. Since 2012, a new account has been created for every new customer.

White Shark is committed to helping each new customer learn how to track their AdWords performance on their own. This bit of education goes a long way toward preventing issues.

White Shark is your partner in the wild world of online advertising. They are ready to attack problems head-on.

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Securus Made Our Prison Calls Easier

The prison calls we make the inmates with our prison ministry are much better because we are using Securus to call in to every inmate that we work with. There are many inmates that we connect with, and we can make video calls to them using the Securus app on our phones. There are many different kinds of conversations we can have with the inmates so that we do not have to drive up to the jail, and it gives us more time to meet with everyone. Securus as said by PR Newswire’s team offers one on one meetings with the inmates, and the calls are secure so that we can discuss plans for each inmate.

They want to learn from our ministry, but they also want to know that they are going to be able to talking to someone who is going to listen. There are a lot of us who are using the Securus app, and we are all able to call into the jail that we work with. That means that we will be able to give them a fresh outlook on life, and they know that they can see a real person talking to them.

We appreciate how personal Securus is, and they have made it very easy for us to feel secure and make secure phone calls. The service is changing the way that we do our ministry, and it is completely altering the way that we approach the assistance that we provide every single inmate. Without this service, we would not be able to reach many people, but now we can reach many more inmates because we call in for all of them on Securus. They all get a video call with someone on our team, and they all get the peace of mind that will completely change their lives before they get out.

Learn more about Securus by visiting their BBB page.

Company profile: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies#/entity

Related link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-corrects-inaccuracies-in-global-tel-links-gtl-press-release-300282563.html

Martin Lustgarten: The People’s Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten has been raising money for the Florida Little Dog Rescue on GoFundMe, and he wants to send the money that he raises so that they can help shelter dogs. This rescue is there to rescue dogs that would be put down because they are in municipal shelters, and they adopt the dogs to good homes. Martin Lustgarten has some of these dogs living in his own home, and he wants to make sure that he is helping as many dogs as he can in his area. The GoFundMe page was easy for him to open, and he will leave it open to keep the money coming in.


Martin Lustgarten works with investors every day to help them raise their own money in their accounts, and he makes sure that people know how they can make the most money possible. There are a lot of people who need help from Martin Lustgarten to invest, and they need to ask him how they can make the most money possible. He wants people to learn how to make their own money, and he will look after their accounts every day.


His work with the Florida Little Dog Rescue is making sure that there are many dogs saved as possible. The people that work for the rescue are out in the field trying to save dogs and find homes for them, and the money that is raised on the GoFundMe page from Martin Lustgarten will help to that end. He also wants to perhaps adopt more of these dogs once they are saved. Anyone who wants to learn more about the rescue can follow the link on his GoFundMe page, and he also wants to be sure that people have a chance to know they saved a life.
Everyone who works with Martin Lustgarten will learn about the Florida Little Dog Rescue. They can give to his GoFundMe page, and they can learn how to help dogs on their own. His clients might adopt some dogs, and he hopes to help his clients make more money while they learn about the rescue’s mission.

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A King’s Descendant Does Not Sit Idly By When Human Rights Violated

There might be at least one hearty pirate in Thor Halvorssen’s ancestry, but there is definitely a king and the very first of Venezuela’s Presidents: Cristóbal Mendoza. He has a great legacy from both sides, his father’s and his mother’s family lines. He is also related to a most famous general and politician: Simón Bolívar. His father formerly advised Venezuela’s king during World War II. His Norwegian background and connections in the “old country” gave him a way to help Norway protect their whole merchant fleet during the battles of the 1940s. His success was complete.

Just as his great-great-ancestor Bolívar won Venezuela’s independence from Spanish rule, so Thor Halvorssen has worked to bring a true democratic government to his home country. He has been an outstanding activist for basic human rights, not only in Venezuela and throughout the world. His whole family has done their part, and often suffered for it. His father was illegally abducted and held without formal legal process by the government. While they had him they tortured him, because of his call for human rights in Venezuela. His mother was later shot and nearly killed, along with 11 other people injured, and one person murdered by an illegal government goon hit squad. She was attending a peaceful, legal, and very public meeting.

While presenting at a human rights conference in Seoul, the biggest city in South Korea, Halvorssen was busily firing out texts and emails, even though many of the recipients were in the West, in countries where it was the middle of the night. His dedication to human rights is contagious. He started the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) from Caracas, in the South American country of Venezuela.

Follow Thor Halvorssen on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to learn more.

Dare You To Try Lime Crime Makeup- You’ll Never Be The Same

Social media is where it’s at, and Lime Crime makeup is leaving its colorful stamp everywhere. All you need to do is look at Facebook or Lime Crime’s Instagram, @limecrimemakeup, where many fans show off their Lime Crime lipsticks, shadows and liners.

It’s the colors that attract new fans each day, with hues that come from a galaxy far, far away. Women have become comfortable now to put on lipsticks in the bizarre shade of cement gray, mint green or teacup blue and others. These colors really look gorgeous on and will get you noticed instantly.

The face of makeup is changing in a major way, thanks to beauty geniuses like Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. The young, Russian-born businesswoman knew there had to be a place in the world for a makeup company that boasted bold, highly pigmented colors, and she was right. Today, Lime Crime has entered the mainstream, and even red carpet stars are wearing the brand and turning heads.

Doe Deere believes in engaging an interactive social media community, and that has skyrocketed the makeup brand to fame. She is thrilled beyond words to see Lime Crime’s Instagram exceed more than two million followers, and all the hard work is paying off. Her fans want to see how the makeup looks on different skin tones and hair colors, so the portfolio of gallery images at Lime Crime’s website allows customers to shop the product in fan pics.

Lime Crime is edgy, modern makeup that believes in breaking all the beauty rules. Tradition and beige go out the window, and wild, crazy colors take over the world. Doe Deere believes that makeup should be fun and empowering, allowing whomever puts it on to feel free and self-confident. If you want to wear metallic gold lipstick, then you should and not think twice about it. Lime Crime is for everyday moments, not just nights out on the town.

Lime Crime can be found online at LimeCrime.com and at retailers like Urban Outfitters. Lime Crime is a privately-owned company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Goettl Expands to Vegas with Acquiring Moore


Goettl Air Conditioning acquired Moore Air Conditioning, in a move to help economic growth in Las Vegas. This acquisition positions Goettl to become the leading residential air conditioning company in Vegas and will help add 100 plus positions over the next year. The company works in states, like Nevada and Arizona, that reach extremely hot temps, and their success shows the quality and receptiveness of their work.

Goettl Air Conditioning is excited to add Moore’s 300+ years of experience to ensure they remain the high quality company they have always been. Goodrich, CEO of Geottl, ensures he has the top talent by giving an endowment to the College of Southern Nevada in the name of his father, J.Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program. He also honors his father by starting a program to help veterans find jobs.

Goettl air is excited to come back to Vegas, when it left in 2007 due to the recession. Goettl purchased this air conditioning company back to Vegas in 2016, where he began his love of Goettl Air started. Goodrich remembers the times when he held the flashlight for his father on service calls. His took that philosophy of responding right away to his own company. He feels customers need to be serviced right away, not when it is convenient for a company to respond.

New WebRTC Recorder Launched By Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has recently released its new WebRTC Recorder feature which allows its user’s easier high definition video recording. WebRTC is short for browser based real time communication allowing it’s users to easily record video within either Firefox or Chrome and immediately embed the video in either a video email or newsletter.

The new feature comes with very fast playback, instantaneous recording as well as trouble free synchronization which is the hight standard that Talk Fusion upholds. Jeff Younger who is one of the main software developers at Talk Fusion, said in an interview that the company has always focused on providing it’s customers with an easy to use and innovative technology. The WebRTC feature has made video recording even simpler than before with it’s seamless browser integration. More in depth detail on the feature can be found on the PRNewswire.com website.

Individuals, business’s as well as charities can now harness the power of video using the Talk Fusion software package. The WebRTC feature is easily accessed. All the user has to do is click on the Video Email or Video Newsletter application icon and then simply navigate to the webcam recording option. Simply record all the video required and share it immediately with friends, family or clients. Harnessing the power of video has never been this simple.

Talk Fusion has now made the technology even more accessible by offering the 30 day free trial. This unique opportunity gives prospective users the chance to test out the complete Talk Fusion package without the need to commit financially. Simply sign up on the Talk Fusion website or a registered affiliates website and take advantage of the 30 day free trial. Complete access is granted to all products. This selection includes Video Chat, Video Email, Video Newsletter and Live Meetings.

Customers can immerse themselves in the power of video through one of the leaders in the video marketing industry. Bob Reina it’s founder has developed the brand from a simple one option application to a global multi application suite enjoyed by millions globally.

A Beautiful Morning

Wengie, the Australian Asian beauty, provides a series of video blogs or vlogs on YouTube and has created several different health and healthy living vlogs. In one of her vlogs she goes through her morning routine to show how she gets ready for the day, what she eats, and the products she uses to enhance healthy living.

After a good night’s rest, and plenty of rest is key to staying healthy, she updates her social media profiles, with over a million subscribers or followers she has a very healthy fanbase. Then she quickly puts in her contacts, brushes her teeth then cleanses her face with a face cleansing wipe. Easy enough so far.

Then she uses a little oil on a hair brush to brush through her hair and gives it healthy shine. Then she pats a little Origins original skin serum over her face to give it a healthy glow. Then she moves on to the kitchen for some breakfast.

Breakfast is healthy of course, yet simple. Wengie cuts a third of a half of an Avacado into slices and places it on top of a single slice of healthy grain and wheat bread. Then she sprinkles a little pepper on top, and then a dash of rock salt. She has created a seven-day healthy meal plan that fans can follow.

To go with her Avacado bread she makes a healthy drink. First she pours a glass of water, then adds a touch of Aloe Vera juice, then squeezes a wedge of lime juice in for her healthy morning drink. Bon Apetite!

While eating breakfast Wengie binge watches a little Netflix. Then she’s off to do makeup. First some foundation, for this particular vlog she uses several different shades of brown natural colors to blend in and match her face. Then she curls her lashes and puts on mascara. Then she adds a bit of eyeliner to make her eyes pop.

Next Wengie uses a brush to add bronzer across her cheeks and jawbone. Then she finishes by adding her favorite lipstick and gloss to her lips. Then she picks out an outfit and accessories, dresses, and she’s ready for the day.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Surgeon Superstar

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly skilled surgeon and is at the top of her field. She was named one of the twenty-four best beauty surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar.Her office is currently based in Austin, Texas after moving from her super successful practice in Manhattan, New York. She trained with some of the most highly respected professionals in their field in New York. She served on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is a great feat considering she was the only women to do so. She is not only a highly respected and has won many awards as a cosmetic surgeon, but she is also a media consultant for many major television networks. She also contributes to major magazines. Not only is Dr. Walden professionally successful, but she is also an involved mom of two beautiful children.

Jennifer Walden was the daughter of a dentist and a surgical nurse. The medical practice was a natural selection for a career path. Dr. Walden is the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery and has based her medical offices in Austin, but also has a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. Although she trained in New York City, she decided to move back home to Austin, Texas to set up her practice. Dr.Walden is also a successful author having written Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden graduated from Anderson High School and attended the University Of Texas where she attained a degree in Biology. She then participated in the University Of Texas Medical Branch as salutatorian. She was also recognized as one of America’s best plastic surgeons by American Way.


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Wen by Chaz: Changing the Way People Look at Hair

What if I told you there was a product out there that could do it all when it comes to hair? No, I’m not joking with you or playing games. I’m talking about a product that can act as an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. You read that right. If I told you that, you would probably be interested in it, right? I know I would. Thanks to Wen by Chaz (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html), you truly can have it all. Quite frankly, you deserve to have it all and have earned it, especially when it comes to cheap and poorly made hair products. WEN by Chaz Dean is the best in the business, bar none.
However, if you don’t believe me, you can read a recap of a young woman by the name of Emily McClure that used the sephora fig version of product for seven days and wrote about it on Bustle.com. She takes you, step-by-step and day-by-day through the process of how Wen worked for her, the results, and how it changed her hair in only seven days. That is how quickly it worked. This isn’t one of those products where you have to wait thirty days and it doesn’t come with any gimmicks or scams.

In addition to that, she also took photos so you could see the actual process and her response to it. By day seven, she was floating on cloud nine and raving about it. It gave her a whole new perspective on hair products and what they can do for someone. They can really enrich their life and give them a whole new outlook on hair. Most of all, it made her feel good, which is a wonderful thing. It’s always amazing when a hair product from the ebay online store can make you feel good. It’s always great to look good, which the product does, but it takes it up another notch when you can feel good at the same time.