Amazing Works of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan successful business man, politician as well as agriculturalist. In 2010 Mr. Gonzalez was elected as the deputy president of the Guárico state national assembly. Additionally, served the National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (FEDANANGA) where he was the head. For two years he also acted as the president leading Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production of Venezuela. This was from 2007 to 2009. At this federation he was responsible for all fourteen chambers. Currently, Gonzalez is vying for the governors’ position in Guárico state.


As the deputy of the national assembly, Jose Manuel Gonzalez participates actively in Venezuela’s politics and his efforts to better the state have been seen through his work. Being a pessimist, he feels that Venezuelan still stands a chance to change its economic state as a nation. He harshly condemns all leaders elected and do nothing to bring change to the deteriorating economy. Gonzalez believes that Venezuela is blessed with enough resources and positive efforts to tap them will lead to improved productivity as well as high living standards. This will not only bring wealth to the nation but also impact positively to the citizens. According to him, citizens should be cautious enough when electing leaders to avoid choosing those who will misrepresent them and do nothing in terms of empowerment.


How Gonzalez Views the Government


Gonzalez feels that the government should adjust some of its policies especially those in the agricultural sector. With this there are high chances of the nation fending itself. He suggests that agricultural products be competitively priced by the government since this will attract more people to farming activities. As people consider farming for full time employment there will be definite increase food productivity. In addition, he is hopeful about farmers stopping the smuggling business of their produce if the government implements favorable policies.




Gonzalez efforts to save his nation have been seen from the arguments he raises about the government. He goes ahead to criticize the government for importing fuel when there are enough reserves within the country. He suggests that the money used to import oil be used in fuel mining as well as government spending on Venezuela’s citizens.


Makari de Suisse: Beauty At Your Fingertips

A major complaint of many women is skin discoloration. Dark spots can occur during pregnancy or during other hormonal changes. They want beauty products that can even their skin tone and make them look radiant. There are not a lot of products that can do it naturally at affordable prices.

Women around the world are raving about the leading skin lightening product on the market by Makari de Suisse. Meaning “beautiful in the Swahili language, Makari has multicultural luxury skin care products to help people get lovely skin. The products are made in Switzerland and have a strict reputation for quality and achieving beautiful skin.

One of the best-selling products in their skin lightening line is MAKARI Body Milk. It is designed to reduce discolorations in the skin from age and sun damage. It also makes the complexion smoother with its hydroquinone-free formula. When it is used on the skin twice a day, it makes it healthy, soft, and radiant.

Another product that is well- received is the Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap. It works as a gentle exfoliator that can be used daily. It was made to clean, brighten, and even skin tone while it exfoliates. It has natural ingredients that protect the skin while lightening it. The soap’s topical antioxidants help condition the skin and hold in moisture.

Makari also offers an exclusive duo lightening treatment. This is used for nightly beauty regimens. A rich, moisturizing lotion fights discoloration and the signs of aging. It is used in tandem with the serum, which adds extra toning action for the skin. While the customers are sleeping, these formulas are nourishing their skin. It is a revolutionary all-in-one beauty system. It is especially good for women who have very dry skin.

Anyone who is looking for an affordable luxury skin treatment should try Makari. Their all- natural ingredients keep skin looking its best. That is the goal of any beauty treatment.

Real Estate App Makes Return On Property Investments Easier

A new mobile application that makes an investors financial vision easier to understand when purchasing a property has been launched by the Davos Real Estate Group.

The Davos CAP Calculator is the first tool in a series developed by Davos Real Estate Group for its clients. The Real Estate Group is one of the independent companies belonging to the Davos Financial Group, a global financial group and leader in the Latin American market for more than twenty years.

The application, which has been developed utilizing the latest technology platforms, supports both iPhone and Android devices.

This initial application is just the start of a series of complementary applications which will allow for identifying properties through mobile devices and passing along real estate reports to agents at Davos by means of an interactive chat.

The application was introduced by David Osio, Davos Real Estate Group chief executive and his executive team which includes Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili.

Gonzalez, the executive director of Davos, commented in a statement that the company worked on the design, evolution and enhancements with Tecknolution. The tool lets investors calculate an investment property’s gains after taking property expenses into account.

He also pointed out investors will have the ability to roughly calculate the price of a property’s rental that goes well with their projected income.

Another advantage of the application will be a Mortgage Calculator that provides a function allowing for the estimation of mortgages based on a bank’s projection, the funding period and rate of interest.

The company provides services that include purchases, sales, rentals, residential properties, commercial properties and more.

In addition, the company has expanded its operations to include Geneva, New York, Miami and Panama.

Before founding Davos Financial Group in 1993 and taking on his role as chief executive officer, Osio worked as vice president of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International in Miami.

Osio is a graduate of one of the foremost universities in Latin America and Venezuela, the Catholic University Andres Bello, where he completed his degree with honors in law.

Through his philanthropic involvements, Osio supports foundations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra and international foundations such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation.

Davos Real Estate Group has been the recipient of the Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, South Florida Business Leaders 2009 and the Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider by the magazine New Europe and other awards.

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Shaygan Kheradpir The IT Genius Is The New CEO Of Coriant


Accepting the Chief Executive Officer position at any large corporation is not a job that offers a lot of security. The pay is good, but the stress can turn the best executive into a non-producing nobody in a hurry. Chief Executive Officers are responsible for motivating employees, and advising the board of directors. CEOs also help develop future objectives, and they are the face of the company in the community and their industry. Those responsibilities are just the tip of the iceberg, however. CEOs need other special talents. Some of those talents are learned, and others are an innate part of the CEOs DNA. Coriant, the optical transport vendor, recently named Shaygan Kheradpir Chief Executive Officer of the company. Coriant is a billion-dollar corporation with more than 500 customers worldwide. Coriant is one of many companies competing in the IT industry, so naming a new CEO comes with a lot of fanfare as well as a lot of opinions.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been in the communication industry for more than 28 years. His resume is impressive, and his management style is unique. Shaygan was cut out to be a CEO, but he earned the title the old-fashion way. Shaygan paid his dues and proved himself in the industry. After graduating from Cornell University with a PH.D. in engineering, Kheradpir went to work for GTE. GTE was a dynamic company, and it grew faster than anyone expected. When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic, the new company, Verizon Communications, was born. Shaygan stayed with Verizon and was named CIO. In that role, Shaygan proved that he was no ordinary employee. He was instrumental in putting the Verizon One program in place. Some of the innovations that Kheradpir introduced to Verizon are still being used today. Kheradpir left Verizon and joined Barclays Bank when the bank asked him to rework their IT system. Shaygan accepted the challenge and his IT system is still one of the best banking systems in the industry.

Kheradpir’s recent role was managing director of Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners was the driving force that put the deal together between Nokia, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. The result of that deal was Coriant. Coriant has been under the leadership of Pat DiPietro. DiPietro is another veteran in the IT industry. DiPietro hand-picked Kheradpir as his successor for a number of reason, according to an article posted by

One of the main reasons that Kheradpir was chosen was his relationship with the executive team at Coriant. Shaygan has been working on several projects with the team, and DiPietro said Shaygan’s input and his decision-making process has been valuable. Kheradpir has several patents, and Coriant has used some of those patents in the past, according to DiPietro, and that also played a role in Shaygan’s promotion. DiPietro isn’t going very far, however. Pat is now the Chairman and CEO of Marlin Equity Partners, so he will still play a part in Coriant’s growth, according to Shaygan.


Doe Deere Pidgin Doll Photo Stolen


The artist Richard Prince couldn’t resist taking a screenshot of an image that the Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere shared of herself and a Pidgin doll on her Instagram. The image shows Doe Deere and the doll with matching baby blue hair and similar red lips and doll-like makeup. The doll was made by Doe Deere’s good friend Joshua David McKenney. Richard Prince took his screenshot of the image and adjust it to make it into a large print. The print later was sold at an auction at the New York Frieze Art Fair for $90,000.

The doll’s maker -Joshua David McKenney- was disturbed to see that his name was not included on the image. Doe Deere had shared the photo to help get exposure for his dolls and he was sad to see that when the image was taken by an artist and sold he was erased from the text that had been attached to the Instagram photo. He chose to come forward to comment that the artist stole the magic of the photo by stealing it from Doe Deere and not giving credit to him or Doe Deere. He also came forward to explain the meaning behind the Pidgin dolls. He created them to encourage magic, femininity and fantasy. He said the name Pidgin is a language of sorts that is how people who speak different languages communicate.

Doe Deere was dismayed that McKenney was removed from the image that was stolen. She quickly shared a new picture on her Instagram with her Pidgin doll and made sure to credit her doll maker, fashion illustrator, artist and friend. Doe Deere has had to struggle to get notoriety for her work in the past. She started the Lime Crime makeup company from the ground up and fought all the way to where the company is now. She understands the struggle that McKenney has to go through to get recognized for his doll art form.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime with the same kind of dream and passion that McKenney started his Pidgin doll company with. Lime Crime makeup company is now one of the leading highly colorful makeup companies out there. Doe Deere has also worked in the clothing, ebay and music business and she also fought for credit for her work in this different jobs she’s had as well. Always credit the founder or artist of something. Doe Deere is rightfully credited for founding Lime Crime. Joshua David McKenney should be rightfully credited for being the artist behind the artsy Pidgin dolls.

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The Perfect Lauren Conrad Stress Free Party Design

Lauren Conrad has many different techniques and secrets she uses when it comes to having a stress free party. You will be glad to gain knowledge in the design of this type of party.

Beginning with clothing, Lauren Conrad always wears a nice summer dress during a party. She makes sure the dress is loose. She also makes sure she is not showing too much and that she’s not covered up too much. Lauren believes being too covered with your clothing is a sign of stiffness. If you wear loose clothing and are comfortable, the party will run very smoothly.

Another thing that Lauren Conrad tries to do is match her clothing with her party. She does this by getting a dress that blends in with the napkins and the tablecloths. The clothing does not have to be an exact match of everything in the party, but it should blend in smoothly with everything.

One more tip on design would be to keep everything organized. The food should be away from the music or the DJ, and the chairs for the guests should be away from the food. Lauren believes this organization gives guests a sense of peace, and they will know a lot of effort has gone into this party.

If you find yourself in trouble in any of these areas, do not hesitate to contact 23 Layers. This is an event planning company based in New York City that help put parties together from scratch. They are willing to take on any kind of party imaginable.

It is a fact that 23 Layers cannot dress you. However, they can coordinate with you. You can tell them your attire for the party, and they will happily create all decorations and the like to match your attire. The best part about it is that you will have final say before the party begins.

Helane Morrison Contributions in the Finance Industry

Helane Morrison is a very influential woman in the country. She is working as the managing director, chief compliance officer and general counsel for a company known as Hall Capital Partners. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. The company is believed to be one the most successful investment firms in California. The people running the institution are all women.

Morrison started working for the Hall Capital Partners in 2007, and since then, she has brought a lot of success in the company. Before getting the current position, Helane was working as the head of Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. In this institution, she was in charge of the securities law enforcement, regulatory and fraud litigation issues in several states. She worked for the institution for more than seven years.

Helane Morrison did not start her career in the finance industry. She was a journalist, and she had graduated with a degree in journalism from a university in Chicago. After completing her education, she worked as the chief editor in the California law review. Later, she studied law at one of the best law universities in the country. She has worked in several law firms since then. Most of her appointments were focused on defense of the private securities and business litigations.

Helane was appointed to her current position because of several reasons. The institution’s diverse leadership was the primary reason for the appointment. After the financial crisis that hit the world in 2008, Helane realized that most of the financial institutions still had confidence issues. She decided to take on the new position so that she could help the company restore its public confidence, especially in the financial markets. While in this position, Helane believes that she can accomplish a lot in the finance industry.

In her new position, Helane biggest responsibility is to bring fairness and enhance ethical practices in business practices. Due to this role, she has become a famous fighter for industrial justice. This has actually been her objective for the last thirty years. She wants to ensure that people who take advantage of others in the finance industry are taken to court.

After the financial crisis, most of the financial institutions in the country were left with no one to turn to. They had to ask for the support of the government for survival. The economic circumstances leading to this crisis left many people with no confidence in the financial institutions.

What is Medicare Advantage?

Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans

In this day and age, good health boils down to having a high quality health care plan. However, as you likely know, health care plans can be incredibly expensive. If you would like to get help paying for your medical care, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of a Medicare advantage plan. A Medicare advantage plan allows you to receive help for payments related to hospital visits and trips to your family physician, specialist or surgeon. It also pays for things like lab work and diagnostic checks.

It is important to realize that when you take advantage of a Medicare advantage plan, there are some limits in place. You will be responsible for certain out-of-pocket costs, typically that will not exceed approximately $7000 on an annual basis. Once your costs build higher than that, the rest of the medical coverage will be paid for by your Medicare advantage plan. As you can see, these plans can be incredibly beneficial to a person who requires some sort of financial assistance in order to pay for their medical plans. This is an excellent step to look into, but you owe it to yourself to find a reputable company that can provide you these plans with some of the greatest service that you will find. If this is what you are looking for, look no further than InnovaCare Health.

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What is Innova Care?

InnovaCare Health not only provides health care plans and services to the public, the company is one of the leading at doing this. They have been in business for years helping people pay for all sorts of medical care without having to come completely out of pocket. This is incredibly cost-effective and allows patients to get the ongoing or temporary medical care that they need without breaking the bank.

This company strives to always put the patient first through high quality medical care and by bridging the gap between doctor and patient relationships. This leadership starts at the very top with Rick Shinto, the president and CEO of the company. When you shop with this company, you will be able to get the greatest service possible that will keep your medical needs intact in a way that his budget friendly and that allows you to feel comfort and peace of mind as the patient regardless of what sort of medical care you might require according to Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare.

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ClassDojo for Students, Teachers, and Parents

ClassDojo is instrumental for students who need to be able to effectively communicate what they are doing in a classroom setting. They are able to create their own “monster” within the classroom app and it gives them the chance to feel like they are truly a part of a unified community. They are able to feel much more comfortable in classrooms no matter where they are in or what grade they are in. The app includes all students and gives them the chance to feel like they are a part of a community. It is important for students who are looking for something more in a platform.

There are many apps that are available for teachers to help them have a more successful classroom. These apps focus mainly on changing the way that they reward their students. ClassDojo does the same thing but it also does much more than that because it gives the teachers a chance to include the students with the activities. The teachers are able to provide their students with the options that they need to make their learning experience better. They are also able to see different ways that they can help students who do not feel as comfortable in this type of environment begin to feel more comfortable.

It is important that students, teachers, and parents are all able to work together for the learning experience to go more smoothly. Sometimes, though, parents get excluded from the process because they are not right there in the learning environment. This means that they may not know everything about what happens in the classroom, but ClassDojo gives them the chance to truly learn more about what their child is learning and what the classroom experience is like. While not every parent will be able to be in the classroom with their child at all times, the ClassDojo app gives them enough information to feel like they truly are.

There are many applications that provide students, teachers, and parents information about grades and even attendance, but there are very few that provide such a comprehensive experience as ClassDojo. It is a good idea that was created by people who truly care about the students’ learning environments. It is something that will not only give the teachers a chance to have a more organized environment, but to give the studetns a better chance at learning what they need to know.


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White Shark Media Attacks Problems Head-On!

In the rough-and-tumble, wild, wild world of online advertising, sometimes the unexpected happens.

As a leader in AdWords optimization, White Shark Media Complaints team realized the need to address customer complaints and concerns. They’ve developed an approach to smooth out the customer experience, and to ensure problems never happen again.

One former complaint was the customer’s perception they were out of touch with their AdWords campaigns. White Shark realized the need for more comprehensive and clear reporting. They also saw the need to walk the customer through interpreting reports before any campaign goes live. This has helped tremendously.

Customers sometimes complained that they don’t hear enough from their AdWords strategists. White Shark now sets up online face-to-face meetings through GoToMeeting. These happen monthly, in support of the monthly reports. Any concerns can be addressed live with the assigned SEM strategist.

To improve communication, White Shark has also added direct phone extensions. At White Shark, the customer is able to reach their specialist directly without going through an operator or automated switchboard.

Some customers have complained that their new “optimized” campaigns sometimes haven’t worked as well as those not optimized. White Shark realizes there are existing elements that might work fine with no further tuning. To that end, they’ve sensitized themselves to using the best of what the customer is currently leveraging, while working to improve whatever might not be up-to-snuff.

Expertise is extremely important in an SEM strategist. Each strategist at White Shark Media works in a team of no more than four others who together report to a highly experienced supervisor. Any issues not handled at the strategist level are quickly referred to the supervisor for resolution.

White Shark  Media is also sensitive to the varied needs of their client base. Senior SEM consultants are assigned to each and every new customer. They follow the client through the process of setting up the campaign so they are familiar with the client’s particular needs.

At one time, a common account was used for ad campaigns started by White Shark. Since 2012, a new account has been created for every new customer.

White Shark is committed to helping each new customer learn how to track their AdWords performance on their own. This bit of education goes a long way toward preventing issues.

White Shark is your partner in the wild world of online advertising. They are ready to attack problems head-on.

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